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♡ a little corner of the internet full of appreciation for places long since forgotten. your inhabitors may have left you, but i never will. ♡

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how to explore an abandoned house safely and not get yourself killed

Abandoned Mansion by Pete Wilson Photos on Flickr.


I’m hoping it’s not too late in the evening to post this, but my female film collective is somewhat up and running! It’s very bare bones at this point but i’m hoping to have a few artists up and posted soon. If you’re a girl who shoots film, please feel free to follow and/or submit!!

hate to self promo but if you’re interested in photography please follow :’3

Greying Prairie Mansion by im pastor rick on Flickr.
Abandoned Surgeon’s House by annabelleny Thank you for over 500,000 views on Flickr.


new set of a destroyed old rural home that looked like a serial killer’s house. there was a huge hole in the floor that lead to a deep flooded basement. there were dead animals (which i do not show in photographs) as well as rot in every single room. i would not be surprised if someone told me a serial killer lived here, as it had that vibe. it’s gone now, torn down a few months after this visit. but i think i was pushing my luck the first time, so i wouldn’t go back anyway.

Abandoned Mansion , Milan OH by Equinox27 on Flickr.
White Lake Mansion House by rchrdcnnnghm on Flickr.
P1019796 by ArchitecturalAfterlife on Flickr.